If you are bored of your dull looking living room walls, we have compiled our 2021 TOP 10 wall decal ideas for living room.

It’s just the right time to amp up your walls with our beautiful ideas for living room wall decals (wall stickers) and to have living room decor that would bring life to your walls. 

Wall decals are a popular solution nowadays as its easy to apply and easy to change when the time comes for a new wall decal idea. It can enhance an interior without the need of spending too much. Wall decals are not expensive solution, but the result is beautiful. For sure, you will agree with us that wall decals can certainly add a touch of life to your walls.

We have wide range of living room wall stickers to choose from: big and small flowers, plants and succulents, potted plants, flower wallpaper decals, framed pots and more.

10. Potted plant, Succulent and Cactus Wall Decals

We have a special potted plant and succulent wall decal collection that would make you feel you want them all.

Want some evergreen succulents on your wall ? Have a look at our Cactuses, Succulents and some more Cactuses.

9. Singing Bird on Blooming Branches Wall Stickers

Another great wall decal ideas for living room include birds singing on a wall branches. Also why not accompany them with butterflies ? Everybody loves butterflies! Have a look at these lovely bird and butterfly wall decals!

Like the birds ? Get some Birds here and beautiful Birds with a bouquete here

8. Framed Plant and Flower Collage Wall decals

A lot of our customers also love these great options of framed wall sticker collage as a wall paintings all in one choices.

There are numerous ways that you can position them based on your wall geometry and imagination.

Fancy these frames ? Look into our Plants product category for them. 

7. Evergreen Leaf and Flower Pattern Wall Decals

Another great idea is creating flower wallpaper decal inspiration – choose from sophisticated big and small blooms or vintage-inspired flower sticker wallpapers. 

We’re sure you’ll find flower decal wallpaper you’ll love.

Fancy a flowery wall ? Get our flower petal patterns  here and here.

6. Evergreen Plants and Vegetation Wall Decals

You always forget to water their plants, have not enough sunlight or a cat that destroys your plants ? 

Now you don’t have to worry about watering your plants. You can have a beautiful plant life permanently blooming on your walls. 

Like that idea ? See them all in our plants collection page here.

5. Green Whispering Cascade Wall Decals

With the help of these green whispering cascade wall decals you can add a touch of life to your walls and make them bloom with greenery cascades all over the wall. Place them on the wall and create totally new fresh green look of your living room!

Like idea of having green cascades on your walls ? See them all in our plants collection page here.

4.Light and Transparent Flower Wall Decals

OK, you might not want something bright and screaming, so why not consider going for some of these pale and delicate, semi-transparent flower designs ? 

Are you in the peony lovers club too ? See them all in our flower collection page here.

3. Flower bouquet and Composition Wall Decals

Doesn’t matter if you fancy meadow, wild flowers or floral bouquets, we have large variation of large sized wall decals for every taste.

These extremely colourful compositions will surely bring some wow factor to your interior.

 See them all in our flower collection page here.

2. Watercolor Style Wall Mural Wall Stickers

If you feel you don’t want something that tries to mimic realistic looks, then consider some of our wall murals.

These wall decals will bring some artistic touch to your interior without pretending to be real flowers.

Like these ? Then head for our flower collection here.

1. Gorgeous Peony Wall Decals

One of the favourite flowers of all time is peony and peony wall decal solutions are certainly trending.  This is why we have dedicated a special attention to having great collection for peony fans with a wide selection of these fabulous flower wall sticker ideas to choose from. Have a look at these gorgeous stand alone or blooming together flower wall decal compositions.

We have for example: Dinner plate, Buckeye Belle and many other breeds.

Are you in the peony lovers club too ? See them all in our flower collection page here.

Hopefully, these 10 fabulous living room wall decals (stickers) ideas can be a good  starting point for your next wall decoration project.



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